"You're the most flexible piano teacher I could ever have imagined."

- T.B., La Cañada-Flintridge


"Many thanks for all you do for our children. We are so pleased they are enjoying music again. You have a gift. You speak to children as if they were adults, and my kids respond well to that. My kids' appreciation of music has increased with your teaching."

- M.H., Pasadena


"I enjoyed learning from you. You always made sure that I understood what you were trying to teach me. You care about your students' progress and you want your students to get what they want out of their lessons. I really appreciate your commitment and professionalism."

- W.W., San Marino


"Mark's way of teaching is very precise and applicable. I learned not only jazz but also blues and bossa nova. Before I met Mark, I had gotten stuck in my playing, caring about theories too much. But he made me free my mind and I was able to achieve a breakthrough. I will always remember and follow his advice."

- S.Y., Japan


"Thanks for making the piano and songwriting so fun!"

- T.D., Pasadena


"Thank you for teaching me so many good musical things. When I started studying, I couldn't play what was in my imagination. However, I can do it now because of you! Thank you again."

- M.T., Florida


"I'm very happy to have found you as a teacher because I see how much our boys enjoy sitting with you and how they say good things afterwards about their lessons. I like the way you teach, and I am always willing to refer you to others."

- A.T., La Crescenta


"I was very happy with your lessons. I was finally so glad that I could learn the joy and feel the happiness of being able to play freely in jazz. It was such fun because I had only been playing classical before."

- M.W., Japan